New York City Income Tax and Other Forms

2013 General Corporation Tax (GCT) Forms


NOTE: These forms will be updated on or before February 19, 2015


NYC-ATT-S-CORP (Instructions included)
Calculation of Federal Taxable Income For S Corporations


NYC-EXT - 2013 tax year (Instructions included)
Application for Automatic 6-Month Extension of Time to File Business Income Tax Return


NYC-EXT.1  (Instructions included)
Application for Additional Extension


NYC-NOLD-GCT  (Instructions included)
Net Operating Loss Deduction Computation


Combined General Corporation Tax Return


NYC-3A Instructions


General Corporation Tax Return


NYC-3L Instructions


General Corporation Tax Return


NYC-4S Instructions


General Corporation Tax Return


NYC-4S EZ Instructions


NYC-9.5  (Instructions included)
Claim for REAP Credit Applied to General Corporation Tax and Banking Corporation Tax


NYC-9.6  (Instructions included)
Claim for Credit Applied to General Corporation Tax


NYC-9.7  (Instructions included)
UBT Paid Credit for General Corporation Taxpayers


NYC-9.8  (Instructions included)
Claim for Lower Manhattan Relocation Employment Assistance Program (LMREAP) Credit Applied to General Corporation Tax and Banking Corporation Tax


NYC-9.10  (Instructions included)
Claim for Biotechnology Credit (Attach to Form NYC-3L or NYC-3A)


NYC-222  (Instructions included)
Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations


NYC-245  (Instructions included)
Activities Report of Corporations


NYC-399  (Instructions included)

Schedule of New York City Depreciation Adjustments


NYC-399Z  (Instructions included)

Depreciation Adjustments for Certain Post 9/10/01 Property


NYC-400  (Instructions included)

Declaration of Estimated Tax by General Corporations


NYC-579GCT  (Instructions included)
Signature Authorization for E-Filed General Corporation Tax Return


NYC-3360  (Instructions included)
General Corporation Tax Report of Change in Tax Base Made by Internal Revenue Service and/or New York State Department of Taxation and Finance


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